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Teeth —singular tooth —are hard structures found in the jaws of many vertebrates . They have various structures to allow them to fulfill their many different purposes. The primary dental care function of teeth is to tear and chew food and in some animals, particularly carnivores.

Dental braces (also known as orthodontic braces or tooth braces ) are a fixed appliance used in orthodontics to correct alignment of teeth and their position with regard to bite. Braces are often used to correct malocclusions such as underbites, overbites, cross bites and open bites, or crooked teeth, and various other flaws of teeth and jaws, whether cosmetic or structural. dental care

They can be used on either upper or lower sets of teeth, or both, depending on the problem they are being used to treat. Orthodontic braces are often used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances to widen the palate or jaws, create spaces between teeth, or otherwise shape the teeth and jaws. Most orthodontic patients are children or teenagers; however, more and more adults are seeking out orthodontic treatment.

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The Procedure for Dental braces care

The first step is a consultation. Either a dentist or an orthodontist will review the patient's teeth visually and speak with the patient. If treatment is recomended and the patient is willing a records appointment will be set where X-rays , molds, and impressions of the teeth will be taken to determine the problem and proper course of action. Treatment time can vary from six months to six years depending on the type and intricacy of problem. Orthognathic surgery may be required in extreme cases.

Teeth to be braced will have an etchant applied to the surface to help the cement stick to the surface of the tooth. A bracket will be applied with a dental grade cement, and then cured with a light until hardened completely. This process usually takes only a few seconds per tooth. If required, orthodontic spacers may be inserted between the molars to make room for molar bands dental care to be placed at a later date. Molar bands are required to ensure brackets will stick. Bands are also utlized when dental fillings or other dental work make securing a bracket to a tooth unfeasable.

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An archwire will be threaded between the brackets and affixed with elastic ligatures . Archwires in the past had to be bent, shaped, dental care and tightened frequently to achieve the desired results. Modern orthodontics makes use of nickel-titanium archwires and temperature-sensitive materials. When cold, the archwire is limp and flexible, easily threaded between brackets of any configuration. Once heated to body temperature, the archwire will stiffen and seek to retain its shape, creating constant light force on the teeth.


Elastics are used to close open bites, shift the midline , or create a stronger force to pull teeth or jaws in the desired direction. Brackets with hooks built in can be placed, or hooks can be created and affixed to the archwire to affix the elastic to. The placement and configuration of the dental care elastics will depend on the course of treatment and the individual patien


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  • Enamel is a hard outer layer consisting of calcium and phosphate.
  • Dentin is the inner layer, the bulk of the tooth.
  • Pulp is the core, containing nerves and blood vessels.
  • Cementum is the thin layer around the root; a bone -like material which connects the teeth to the jaw.

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A dental restoration is a material that has been placed in a prepared tooth to restore function and morphology when tooth structure has been lost due to decay or fracture Direct restorations are created inside the mouth, while indirect restorations are created outside of the mouth and require to be prepared in a laboratory.
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